8/4/20232 min read

Hi ! Did you read the intro on the home page ? Written by AI, would you believe. It is a beautiful description and we would love to have Shady Grove Station come to that but for now it's on hold as other things call for our immediate attention. I am a Notary Public Now so that is a start. Still i have this blog space and although I'm not always chatty, i will try.

we will cover music (mostly Tom Petty), classic movies , gluten free eating, plants and knitting . all favorite things to me, well GF, not so much, but i do feel so much better having changed to GF. I have more energy and less brain fog. once I chose to commit and look a bit deeper on line there are a lot of great recipes. today was cool here in Georgia so I made some Chicken and Dumplings, i used the site called "all the healthy things' for this also made cinnamon bread. this recipe came from glutenfree baking. I enjoyed that with my morning coffee. both recipes turned out very well. the gluten eaters enjoyed them as well.

i sure miss my knitting groups of the past. it was great fun to talk to others who share a passion for yarn. it's harder now , after covid and all but hope springs eternal. I know not what the future holds . I used to be a monogamist knitter, one project start to finish . now I love having a variety of projects to choose from. on my needles now. a blanket for Ian (my son,) yarn for this is Hobbii Yarn 8/4 cotton. it's like worsted weight. a pair of socks using the bamboo stitch. this yarn is fingering weight from an Advent calendar from Biscotti yarns. Christmas socks (vanilla) My friend Mary gifted me this yarn , it's a lovely merino from Hula Hut Yarns and these cute Christmas coasters. this yarn is worsted weight cotton from Bernat I've been wanting to made a little Barbie dress, so if I have time tomorrow I'll look for some yarn for that. what's on your needles?

let's play a game ... I give you a line from a movie and you tell me the movie and who says the line K?

" They can take our lives but they can't take our freedom "

for the answer to this and picture of the food and knitting I talked about , go to Instagram. staci7757 now I'm sure i could add picture here but for now I will use Insta